The Story Of Huusuienbu - Chapter I...

Play different modes of our outstanding RPG Game. Chose between our battle mode, in which you can fight enemies and level up in the process whilst enjoying the thrill of PVP action.

Amazing Scenery! Visit different locations of the game and enjoy a nice detailed story with amazing gameplay. Our scenes give you an inside view of the game and the story, get to know the characters and your new local area!

Battle enemies that stand in your path of victory, use a variety of comabt moves and special attacks to weaken enemies and to collect loot & XP to make your character the best and strongest above all opponents. How much XP can you gain?

Sit back and enjoy a story full of excitement, thrill and action be told as you complete every stage, level up your characters and unfold the mystery of this tale with your gaming skill!

Play around in your own private area, here is a place to be free and plan for action against all of the enemies that are coming your way. Use objects in order to improve your character aspects.

You're under attack! Fight the biggest & baddest of nemesis', but be careful, the bigger they are the stronger they can be! Use your special abilities and knowledge of the game to complete the game. Good luck...