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Contact Us

Access the email and telephone icons found at the top right of the page, please email us for any support requests, ideas you have for our games and hopefully positive feedback discussing your experience with our work & if you are a fan or not. Use the phone number for business enquires as we are always looking to expand our audience and partner with new organizations!

Commonly Asked Questions

What platform are your games on?

Steam, we hope to keep all of our games running on steam as there is a wide audience for everyone to play!

How long do games take to make?

Roughly 2 years, to write the game idea and to have it developed and then released for the public to enjoy.

Website Made By

This website was made and designed by Jord, if you are a fan of the design and features you see on this website and would like for your own to be created please feel free to contact him via Steam.

We hope you enjoy the experience of learning about our work, previewing our games all in the form of one website. Don't hesitate to buy the games and enjoy the ultimate gaming experience we have to offer!

About Real Co.LTD

Who is our team?

We have a team of around 20 game developers that work hard daily to update, fix and provide new gaming content for all of our fellow players, making one game takes around 2 years.

Developing the game

Games take around 2 years to create, check out the timeline below of our games & the story in chronological order:

  • Huusuienbu
  • Windshift

  • Contact Our Team

    Feel free to contact our team by using the email or phone number at the top right of the page, we accept any support requests and would love to help and hear your feedback for improvements. Afterall we wish to provide the best gaming experiences and story we can for all our fellow gamers who follow our community.